Here's to Love & Sincerity – there IS Regeneration


Hello, dear guest. I’m so glad you found my blog. Its purpose is to offer encouragement and hope to you in whatever phase of life you may be experiencing. I pray you are living your best life, and that I can contribute in some way. Enjoy the readings. Be well! ~Kelly

Flight of Memories

“For I was…a stranger and you took me in.” ~Matthew 25:35 In the world where we live, true friends are often hard to come by. Much more so are those who adopt you as part of their family. FL Young gave me, as my cousin Heidi would say, a “bonus dad” when I needed one.Continue reading “Flight of Memories”

On Trusting Yourself 2

I’ve been practicing some visualization lately to help me let go of things. I envision my inner self sitting on the bank of a waterway. When doubts, worries, and “should haves” come, I see them as petals or leaves in my hand. Then, I simply tip my hand over into the water, release them andContinue reading “On Trusting Yourself 2”

On trusting yourself

Recently, I mentioned my journey toward trusting myself. In my 37 years, I’ve learned a lot about how to overcome my own negative energies but that’s still one I’m working on. Why? Because I know that I have to be able to trust my own instincts and decisions if I want to be a strongContinue reading “On trusting yourself”

Relationships with Trees

A part of my poetic memoir The Locust Years, this poem has been submitted to several journals and magazines by now. For whatever reason, it hasn’t been published yet. I decided to share here because I think maybe a lot of people can identify with its sentiments. What it is, is kind of a loveContinue reading “Relationships with Trees”

What are you grieving?

Image by Kelly Hanwright As someone who has anxiety, I also have a lot of friends who share that struggle. This past week, the struggle has increased for many of us due to forces I am sure I don’t know how to explain. I have the strong impression, though, that it has a lot toContinue reading “What are you grieving?”


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